Tech Boom in Southeast Asia: Is an App Like Gojek Helps You Become Its Part?


Darren Tuck Aug 05 2022 · 4 min read
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Tech Boom in Southeast Asia: Is an App Like Gojek Helps You Become Its Part?

Most brands are actively keeping an eye on growing markets to become part of. Many are looking for opportunities to grow their business in Southeast Asian countries. This is a robust prospective market with a focus on Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and many other regions. If you wish to build your presence in Southeast Asian countries, following a one-stop service platform, Gojek's footprint is a wise choice. 

Gojek is planning to expand its food and ride-hailing services in Singapore and many other regions after gaining huge popularity in other regions of Southeast Asia. The company is planning to implement innovation and thrive in the highly competitive market. Recently GoTo has raised around $1.3 billion in an initial public offering planned for 2022. Gojek is trying to find out how it can compete with Grab, Uber, and other multi-service businesses. 

Deep Insight into the Southeast Asian Multi-service Business Market

According to CB insights, Gojek is valued at $10 billion. Gojek satisfies the needs of millions of customers with a wide range of service offerings like ride-hailing, food delivery, digital payment, etc. It utilizes modern technology to improve the lives of its platform users and provide them with quick access to anything at any time. 

Gojek is a winning player in Southeast Asian countries; it is giving tough competition to Grab and Uber. So-called supper has millions of drivers and local merchants to provide a personalized experience to all its customers. The multi-service giant has achieved massive success by delivering robust and user-friendly services across Southeast Asia.

In 2019, Gojek's monthly active users in Indonesia alone were 29 million; this number increased in recent years. However, the multiple service delivery platform also has a great user base in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Be it satisfying the craving of hungry people, helping them to settle their payments, or performing any other activity, Gojek helps its platform users get everything done without hassle. 

If you're looking to build your presence in the Southeast Asian growing market, then you can choose to start your business similar to Gojek. However, you need to understand that starting a multi-service business in a competitive market is not as easy as eating a cupcake in one bite; you need to consider various things when it comes to starting your multi-service business online. From managing different services to looking after customers' needs and more. 

Steps to Consider to Start Your Gojek Like Business in Southeast Asia

The covid-19 spread has pushed people to shop online instead of going to establishments and supermarkets to avoid the virus spreading. However, the customers' changing shopping preference is here to stay even though the COVID spread is under control. Hence it becomes vital for brands to put their efforts into taking their business on the platform where their customers have a presence. 

However, starting a business in the Southeast Asian growing market is not as easy as you think. There are lots of steps that you need to consider to start your Gojek-like business in Southeast Asia. Read each step in-depth to find out how you can launch your multi-service business in the growing market. 

Market Research

How can you start the business without having details about the market? Know whether the service you're going to launch has sufficient possibility to grow in the region or not. Market analysis will help you maintain competitiveness in the growing business segment. 

Many brands neglect these steps; as a result, they face business failure. Gojek co-founder said that it's the golden age for SouthEast start-ups. It is perfect for enterprises to launch their venture online as more youth are embracing modern technology and ways that ease their life.  

Competitors and Customers Analysis

If you wish to launch your on-demand multi-delivery or service business in Southeast Asia, then it becomes essential for you to perform competitor and customer analysis. This step will definitely help you to know everything about your competitors and customers. 

Having details about what your customers expect, what will be loved by them the most, and more can help you serve your customer demands in the most improved way. Moreover, competitors' analytics allows you to know how your business rivals are operating their business and catering to the growing demand of customers in an effective manner. 

Develop Branded App and Website

Not having your branded app and website in today's digital space where more than five billion people have internet access can make you lose various opportunities. If you want to reach the digital population and increase your business profit, it's a wise choice to get your branded solution with all essential modules and features. 

You can consider the workflow and business model similar to Southeast Asia's leading on-demand platform to get your branded solution crafted at an affordable price. You can even invest in ready-to-use solutions developed by a gojek like app development company keeping the growing market and business requirements into consideration. Developing and launching your multi-service business app and website can help you boost your business reach, streamline business operation, and have complete control over every activity. 


No matter whether you have launched a single delivery app or have launched a multi-service solution to provide your customers access to all your business services, marketing plays a crucial role. Have you ever wondered how your potential customers will come to know about your business services? It's through advertising. Choose the right marketing strategy to drive more leads and revenue for your business. 

You need to consider many more steps to launch a successful venture in Southeast Asia. We have listed the important ones, but remember to perform proper research to eliminate the legal issues and business failure after your business launch in the continuously developing market. 


Changing customers preference in Southeast Asia has opened various opportunities for business owners. Hence it's the perfect time for enterprises to build their presence in the growing market. Just follow all the essential steps to start your business successfully, similar to Gojek, and achieve your targeted goals shortly.

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