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Boutwell Janet Jul 30 2022 · 2 min read
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Of course, although as he reports, many people do have all manner of 'spiritual' experiences, with and without chemicals, he is forced to conclude that 'brain science' has had 'very little success' in explaining such matters - or in understanding 'the inner angel that makes its home within every nervous system'. As a result, there is little of worth in this chapter, other than the warning it affords the reader to steer well clear of such matters. Better to learn from the experience of others, rather than experiment yourself.

red door yellow door game experiences do seem to be very common. In fact Jones reports that when some seventeen-thousand Brits were interviewed,back in 1894, two-thousand of them had had 'when awake a delusion of voice or vision'.

Although the Bible makes many mentions of visions and dreams, it does also warn that there are many false prophets and evil influences - and that we presently await the emergence on the world scene of the supreme miracle-working deceiver, the False Prophet (Rev 16:13), who will pass himself off as being God and deceive many people (2 Thess 2:4).

Modern Mental Torture

It is interesting that when prisoners are kept in solitary confinement and in complete silence and without the influence of chemicals, many of them will begin to see faces, hear voices, experience horrible despair and become suicidal. Jones points out that 'such torture' is still being practiced in many U.S. Prisons.

Of course, throughout history, starting back in the Old Testament, there have been false prophets basing their claims on visions they probably did actually experience, but from doubtful sources - and more recently even creating new religions and attracting a world-wide followings as a result. So, be very aware - and think for yourself, and watch out for t hose 'wolves in sheep's clothing' that Jesus warned of. Always apply the sure test He gave - to judge them by their fruits, by the effect they have on the lives of their followers, and they way they treat other human beings.

Magic Mushrooms

Dare I suggest that Darwin's theory of evolution, which has now acquired the status of a religious faith, seems to simulate the action of the magic mushroom, so that those who have nibbled it, can no longer think straight - their imagination warped to such an extent that they really do believe that, given enough time, a monkey with a laptop computer could indeed create the Oxford Dictionary. Or in the case of Richard Dawkins, that due to the random motion of atoms, a statue might indeed wave at him one day. But more unlikely still, that the utter complexity of the human body and every organism on earth resulted from the accumulation of DNA copying errors.

For those who have not yet nibbled and succumbed to delusion, please consider just the miracle of the human heart and circulatory system. In particular that, as well as having resulted from a single fertilized ovum that multiplied over and over in the womb then formed specialized cells and formed them into tissues and organs and a nervous and circulatory system that extend to every extremity, in a manner that genes and DNA simply cannot explain - the embryonic heart actually pumps blood to itself, beating and pulsating in harmony to coordinated electrical impulses.

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