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noah james Jul 02 2022 · 1 min read
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CITP Labs Exam

CITP is a four-hour computer-based examination that assesses knowledge of clinical trials methodology. It is an exam that is non-disclosed, and is offered in conjunction with IMEX America and HSISAT. It is an ideal way for aspiring PIs to gain practical experience in clinical research. CITP training courses combine hands-on activities and team participatory projects with didactic training. Participants will also gain valuable knowledge about the importance of conducting clinical trials.

CITP is a four-hour computer-based exam

The CITP credential is awarded to qualified practitioners who have taught at least four accredited courses that cover the CITP body of knowledge. Candidates must pass the CITP Exam, which consists of 160 multiple-choice questions. The exam is administered year-round at testing centers around the country. The AICPA also offers a comprehensive CITP exam self-study review course, which is worth eight hours of CPE. After completing the self-study course, CITP candidates must retake the exam annually, which includes 20 hours of CPE.

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It is a non-disclosed exam

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, which presents the CITP program, has guidelines for practical exercise performance and physical requirements. These PEPRs can be obtained from FLETC or the LEI Assistant Director, Training. CITP applicants must successfully complete a 1.5 mile run and a physical agility test, and pass the bench press portion of the PEB. Additionally, CITP applicants must pass a body composition and flexibility test.

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