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Alexy Jender Aug 05 2022 · 1 min read
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Exam Dumps (Of course, medical school can be busy, so work ahead on days when you have time so that you’re prepared for the days when you don’t!) During this first pass, don’t worry about timing your question blocks. Don’t even worry about whether you’re getting the questions right. Just take it slow, do the questions in tutor mode (so you see the explanations immediately after answering the questions), and take advantage of Exam Dumps as a pure learning tool. Trust me—the time for self-assessment will come soon enough. The Second Pass Now it’s time. You’ve passed your pre-clinical classes, you’ve Guide 2 Passing completed a full pass through the Exam Dumps QBank, and your dedicated period of study for USMLE Step 1 has arrived. What do you do? First, reset your Exam Dumps subscription. This will erase all the statistics you accumulated during the first two years of medical school and allow you to more accurately track your progress during your dedicated Step 1 study period. Next, calculate how many Exam Dumps questions 

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