Conditional formatting on LTD Sales data

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Manirathnam Babu Kuruma Oct 23 2020 · 1 min read
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Hello friends, lets apply some conditional formatting on the given LTD Sales data.

Here is my initial observation on the given data:

The data looked complete with proper datatypes and column headers with no null values and no blank rows in between.

Let’s transform the data using power query editor:

Created a custom column “Sales” using two columns “Quantity” and “Unit Price” with formula as shown below:

Click on “ok”.

Let’s do the rounding of “Sales” for our convenience.

Click on “ok”

click on “close&apply” to apply the changes and close the editor.

Task 1) Created visual showing the Revenue as per the State:

The visual created here is the “Clustered bar chart” by positioning “State” along Axis and “Sales” in the Values section.


In terms of Revenue, “New York” is leading with 4 million revenue while the least revenue is  generated for state “Maine” with just 2160 value.

Task 2) Create new column "Sales Range" as per following conditions

1)     Less than 100

2)     1001 to 5000

3)     6000 to 10000

4)     11000 to 15000

5)     16000 to 20000

6)     21000 to 25000

7)     Above 25000

Let’s switch back to editor to do this.

Created a Custom column with name “Sales Range” and given the custom formula to achieve the above conditions.

Then the “Sales Range” column gets created like below:

Task 3) Create a new column as per following condition as per the Product

Category where for:-

  • Furniture it should show “Office Infra”
  • Others it should show “Non-Office Infra”
  • Add a new column “Product Type” and apply conditional formatting on “Product Category” like below:

    Then the table gets created like below:

    Thanks to @Amit Bose for sharing valuable knowledge and guidance.

    Thanks to @iNeuron for providing this amazing platform.

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