Benefits of buying lab grown diamonds

James Lipton May 08 2022 · 1 min read
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Out shopping for jewellery and stuck between lab grown diamonds and naturally mined ones? We vote for lab grown diamonds and here’s why. Read on to understand some of the major benefits that buying lab grown diamonds have and we promise you won’t regret it later.

·         Affordable diamonds offering a wide range of colours

Lab grown diamonds are priced at 30% to 40% lesser than their mined counterparts. So, you can be saving quite a lot of money opting for these ones. The lower price makes these diamonds affordable for everyone. What’s more is that they are available in a wide range of colours. Lab grown diamonds are produced in so many colours. Since they are created, a lot of efforts and creativity is put into these diamonds to make sure that there are all the possible colours available.

·         Sustainable and eco-friendly

Naturally mined diamonds are extracted from the deep surface of the Earth after digging for several miles under the land. This process is harmful for the environment. It leads to soil erosion and deforestation. Also, the diamonds that we get today have been formed millions of years ago. Once that supply is exhausted, it is going to take another million years for the new ones to form. On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are made in a laboratory. They have a lower carbon footprint and thus are eco-friendly and sustainable. Also, their supply is limitless as they barely take a month to be fully formed.

·         Guilt-free purchase

Since lab diamonds uk are eco-friendly, you can have a guilt-free purchase. In fact, you can even feel happy about having contributed to the conservation of the planet. More and more people are becoming aware of environment preservation and so shifting from naturally mined diamonds to lab grown diamonds can prove to be your first step towards sustainable living.

·         Fewer imperfections and flaws

As mentioned previously, these diamonds being man-made, a lot of research, efforts and creativity goes into making them. As a result, they have lesser imperfections or flaws. Naturally mined diamonds have natural flaws in them due to the pressure, tempe4rature changes underground and the combination of various elements in nature. Since these factors are controlled in a laboratory, there is less chance of lab grown diamonds being flawed.

·         Larger diamond in your budget

Since they are affordable, you can buy a larger diamond without burning a hole in your pocket. For instance, if you have a wedding planned and are looking for diamond wedding ring london, opting for lab grown diamonds instead of naturally mined diamonds will reduce the cost considerably, so you will be able to buy more and bigger too. It will add to your savings while still giving you some of the best jewellery items available in the market. Now that’s definitely a considerable benefit, isn’t it?

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