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Boutwell Janet Jul 30 2022 · 1 min read
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Not many engineers who know how to write would author a book attempting to prove the existence of an After Life. But Chuck Swartwout is no ordinary author and is certainly no ordinary engineer.

I found that out when I read his wonderful book, "You Don't Die - You Just Change Channels!: A Common Sense Guide to God Our Creator and Eternity in Heaven."

flewed out movie tyler perry spending a career as an electrical engineer, a film maker, entrepreneur and advertising producer, Chuck faced one of life's unavoidable and inevitable events when Gretchen - his wife of 54 years - died in 2006. That motivated the author to combine his Christian faith and professional background as an engineer and creative problem solver to write his "common sense" analytical exploration of life after death and heaven.

You will not find heaven, eternity or the After Life discussed anywhere else as Swartwout does in this short, highly annotated, and very readable book. The book cover is a copy of an original work of art by his deceased wife Gretchen Swartwout of a Hopi Indian Kachina doll, believed to be the spirit of a deity.

While talking about the relationship between faith and science, Swartwout makes this interesting observation in the book: "It is important to understand that scientists are trained to speak in terms of 'theories,' which are carefully-considered interpretations of observable facts. As they accumulate more facts, scientists modify the theories or propose new ones."

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